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The Gas Boiler

A gas boiler is a device that heats water using liquid petroleum gas (LPG) as its fuel. A gas boiler heats water in the same way as other boilers, the difference being the type of fuel used.

There are three basic types of gas boiler installation with each type having its own unique operating and installation characteristics.

Conventional Gas Boilers / Regular Gas Boilers / Open Vent Systems

A conventional gas boiler uses a separate hot water tank / hot water cylinder that is commonly placed in a cupboard (airing cupboard etc). Gas flames heat the water via a heat exchanger, the heated water being stored within the storage cylinder. The system itself can be fed directly from a mains cold water supply, but most commonly from a header tank that is usually situated in the loft of the property.

A conventional / regular gas boiler set-up tends to be more reliable, but less efficient than other types of gas boiler installations. This type of gas boiler installation is normally used where mains water pressure is low or where a property has more than one bathroom

With the type of gas boiler installation the amount of hot water available will be dictated by the size of the storage cylinder. Once all of the hot water available has been used you will have to wait until the water is heated and stored again within the hot water cylinder.

System Boilers / Sealed System Gas Boiler Set-Up

A heating system set-up with a system boiler is largely similar to the conventional / regular gas heating system as described above, but does not use a feeder or header tank to supply the boiler. System boilers are fed directly from the mains cold water supply and provide hot water directly for your heating system and hot water cylinder.

Like the conventional / regular gas boiler set-up a system boiler or sealed gas boiler set-up can supply hot water to more than one hot water tap at a time and is more suitable for homes that have more than one bathroom.

Combi Boilers

Combination gas boilers as the name suggests combine the instant supply of hot water to both hot water taps and your central heating system instantaneously.

Combination boilers are 'on demand' boilers that do not use a storage tank for your hot water. The boiler activates as and when required and are fed directly via the mains cold water supply. These combi boilers are ideal for smaller homes where there is no requirement for hot water from several tops at the same time.